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Discover Breathe

“From a time when ingredients were handpicked, and wisdom was treasured.
When life was less ordinary, and passion was beyond measure”



Founded 25 years ago, Breathe Aromatherapy has its roots in the traditional understanding and practice of aromatherapy in India. These traditions inform our considered and ethical approach to self-care, beauty and wellness products even today. Our goal is to create products that make you feel healthy inside and out, while offering a luxurious sensorial experience.
Our parent company, Eastern Agencies Aromatics Pvt Ltd. est. 1957, has been a key part of the perfume & flavour industry in India and one of the leading importers of pure essential oils and aromatic raw materials. Our heritage has fuelled our passion for pure fragrances and their healing nature.

Our Process


Completely & hopelessly in love with all our essential oils, their fragrances and how they make us feel. We love the process of creating a product that we believe in and would love to use.

Organic and Ethical

All our products are cruelty-free and sourced from the most reputable suppliers around the globe. We are committed to delivering high quality products free of parabens, SLS, synthetic colours, fragrances or mineral oils. We use natural preservatives and natural oils as the base for our products so that you can rest assured that what you put on your body is good for you and the earth.


From the way we source our essential oils, to how we make our products, we pride ourselves on our obsessive attention to detail in every part of our products and business so we can serve you better.

High Quality

All our products are hand made and individually checked so that we can confidently promise the highest quality to everyone who comes through our doors.

Deepa Narayan
Loving what I smell and smelling what I love, the only reason I am here is my love story with essential oils. They make me happy. They are my companions, my best friends, my soul mates. My patchouli, my neroli, my clary sage- they speak to me and I listen. Breathe, it just comes naturally.
Deepa Narayan | Founder & CEO

We chose the name BREATHE because we genuinely believe people have forgotten how important it is to breathe correctly. Not only is it our life source but when done right, it can be the answer to most problems.

What a wonderful way to live, Just Breathe.