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Philosophy At Breathe

We care deeply about everything we do, from the quality of our products at its very heart to all the packaging & small details that go around our products to complete your experience.
We care about how we impact the world and we care about how using our products impact your daily rituals.

BREATHE is an amalgam of age old wisdom, modern day science, fine ingredients and a passion for what we do.

We always say, when in doubt... Just Breathe.

A passion for perfection

A passion for perfection

Since Breathe's inception, our primary commitment has always been to deliver the highest quality of product and services to our family of customers.
From the selection of our ingredients to the development of all our formulations, we have held ourselves to this commitment unequivocally.
If we cannot offer the highest quality in any aspect of our product, it is like losing our soul.


Product Philosophy

At Breathe...
We create our products using the finest natural essential oils and natural ingredients
We create our aromatherapy and attar products with no synthetic colours, fragrances, SLS, parabens, mineral oils.
We use natural preservatives and natural oils as the base of our products.
We create our products without testing on animals. We are members of Beauty Without Cruelty.
We create our products with total care and commitment.
We absolutely love our products and hope you do too.
What a wonderful way to live..... Breathe!

Product Philosophy
Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

We want to ensure that our pure and high quality products are housed in equally high quality packaging. Design and aesthetics form the foundation of how we marry form and function to create more sensorially pleasurable experiences while ensuring our products are preserved in natural ways to let you enjoy them for longer.
Our hand blown and uniquely designed glass bottles allow the oils to stay fresh for longer by preventing oxidation while our custom brass caps keep the blends pure and filtered. Each box is designed with high quality papers and deep colors to releft our heritage and commitment to luxury.
We hope you will take the time to find what brings you joy in our packaging which has been designed with the smallest details in mind. You can also re-use and re-fill the bottles as they are designed for long and sustainable lives with you.

What a wonderful way to live, Just Breathe.