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Shower Gels

Ruh Khus Shower Gel

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Woody notes of north Indian Vetiver.

Relaxing And Soulful. An Earthy And Sweet Fragrance.

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Tags: All Skin, Attar, Balanced, Balsamic, Body Wash, Clean, Earthy, Fragrant, Fresh, Gently Cleansed, Grassy, Hydrated, Indian, Khus, Perfume, Pure, Refreshed, Relaxing, Sandalwood, Shower, Shower Gel, Soulful, Sweet, Vetiver, Warm, Woody

Key Ingredients Used

An Internal & External Rejuvenation

Indian Khus Vetiver Oil

Indian Khus Vetiver Oil

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How to Use

Directions For Product Usage

Ruh Khus Shower Gel


Apply on wet skin, lather well and rinse. Use regularly to keep skin clean and fresh.